I’m terrible Muriel…

Yeech…where does the time go.

I have no unique excuses for my absence…just what plagues everyone else..that darn clock.

Hope all’s been well in your worlds. Between visitors, 3 trips to the airport in one week, being an agony aunt and sprinting up the terrace for Court in heels (albeit wedges…do they still count?), I am spent. 

But that’s boring, here’s some pictures with what I’ve been doing lately (sorry no outfit post yet…I had a bit of a hair crisis this last couple of weeks. Platinum and I aren’t the friends the hairdreser obviously thought we were).

Desert Darling jinxed me…I attempted a beetroot and chocolate cake (please don’t pull the doubtful face my husband did when I mentioned my plans).I’ve had a few failures and this was a wonderful example! Murdering the beetroot out of my Dad’s garden is where it should have ended:

The texture, the taste...all awful. My sister and I did scoff the crispy chocolatey edges though before it went the way of the bin.


Pretty view from the office:


I got to sit in an Aston Martin the other day…the whole $500k of it (really, you’d think they’d make them more roomy for that sort of price 😉 ):

These are our new bedside tables. I picked up two $59 bedside tables from Ikea and then shamelessly copied this wonderful design from Aubrey & Lindsay. It was great fun and very easy. The crazy kelly green lamps on the bedside are also a DIY – better pics next time:


Yesterday afternoon I made Stephanie Alexander’s Rhubarb and Cinnamon Cake (my husband almost trusts my cooking again after the beetroot debacle..give this a go for something different if you can get your hands on some el cheapo beetroot at the markets…not the daylight robbery of $5 a bunch at the supermarket):



One Comment on “I’m terrible Muriel…”

  1. I’ve had chocolate and beetroot cake before and can vouch for it’s deliciousness!! Sorry yours didnt turn out so well this time 🙂 Looks like you made up for it with the cinnamon and rhubarb creation!

    Love all your other pics.

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