W is for wish the weekend was still here and waister dresses

Had a lovely weekend. Hope you were all just as fortunate.

Went to down to my ma and pa’s farm because we had an engagement party down that way.

Mum says things like “if I don’t ever see another plum again it will be too soon” and “I don’t know why your father grows all these things I have bottle/stew/turn into sauce”. I say I’m glad because I come back with these goodies:


I frocked up in a vintage dress…I think it 70’s….Mum called it a “shirt waister” (the sunglasses are for effect only…I didn’t go too costumey on y’all):


I had some limes I wanted to use up last night (and I copied my sister who was baking the same thing 300k’s away). This sticky syrupy cake goes down a treat with a cup of tea:


Coconut, lime and ginger cake


Moose Dog

Hey ya’ll

I hope everyone’s Australia Day was lovely. In the West it’s hot as hades. Dang those solar flares we had last weekend.

Winter in Europe seems but a distant memory. Here are some chilly photos in case you don’t have air-con either:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last one is just to trick you. It is 20 degrees colder there than it is WA right now. It’s the Sahara. No, I’m not joking.

Last weekend I made a Moose. I love him a lot. It gave the husband a fright (that’s probably not how he would describe his reaction) when he walked back into the entry after a surf. He was also perplexed as to his purpose. Quick thinking me said he was a Moose Dog….like a guard dog but..not..obviously.

Apologies for the slideshow. WordPress has gone all flash like and I’m not sure whether I’m Arthur or Martha when it comes to navigating it.

P.S If you want a Moose Dog for yourselves you can find the DIY steps here. Design Dump provides much better destructions than I would.

P.P.S I got foamcore from Jacksons Art Supplies and my floral wrapping paper was from Myer whilst my striped paper is from Dymocks.


Parisian Imposters

The City of Light welcomed us for the last three days. We had our own apartment which was tremendous and meant we could wolf down fortifying lunches like these:


Things I’ve learnt about France:

1. Croissants, tarte tatin and crepes really need their own food groups to do them justice.

2. Lots of people cannot speak English…rudimentary French coupled with charade like hand signals goes some way to bridge the gap.

3. Skiing is haaarrddd in every sense of the word.

4. Perth really needs to pull it’s socks up in terms of public transport.


P.S better pics soon


Bits and bobs

Things I’ve discovered this week:

1. You really do miss (but will now really appreciate) your long weekend when it is postponed.

2. I didn’t think I was a monarchist until I learnt the lady herself was setting up sticks in the hotel next to our offices.

3. Not all clients hate you – I received flowers from one this week.

4. Our upcycled tassie oak chairs are my new favorite possession!



We sanded them back and then waxed them with carpenters wax so they weren’t too super ‘slick’ or ‘done’ (you’ve seen our rustic dining table right?!). The fabric was ummed and ahhed over but we settled on this oatmeal/dark red fabric. I must admit I love them… barring the fact my sister has taken up residence on the carver to study for her exams whilst she’s here.


Nerd Crush

I have a confession to make…I secretly love nerds (of the TV kind!)

Yes I love Beauty and the Geek, The Big Bang Theory….actually I think my first nerd crush was Seth on the OC.

My new crush is Louis Theroux. His docos are the bomb. I love his subtle style of questioning and his way of showing the inconsistencies in the beliefs of all those crazies (with respect) he interviews.

Check him out on Wednesday nights on the ABC.

This week’s effort was his stay with Nazi, Tom Metzger.  Metzger, has a reputation as “the most dangerous racist in America” yet we saw him in his day job as a TV repair man visiting a friend he has had for years who is Peruvian.  Metzger also frequents karoke bars where there are a number of ‘non-whites’…as Theroux observed, karoke must take precedence for Metzger over his politics.

Have a lovely weekend all – 35 degrees in Perth on Sunday..phwoaarr!

Weekend that was

Hi y’all

Sorry I have been out of action…I’ve been a bit crook and generally feeling a bit blah…I’m sure you know the feeling.

But onto bigger and brighter things, this was my weekend that was:


Yes it is a truly monsterous lemon meringue pie.

I went down to my parents farm for some fresh country air…literally…you can’t see my tongue hanging out of my mouth in this shot..but I assure you I was chanelling a dog:


We got into geo-caching. Felt a little like an uber orienteering nerd but it really is fun. It’s like a treasure hunt…though please note it is a cache not cash that you find. Ours was great because we got to do some bush bashing at the same time. It’s all over the world – check it out at here

This is the equipment you will need for an afternoon of geo-caching. Champagne obligatory of course:


There were quite a few of these lovelies around:


I also got my CWA on and got to work producing some lemon butter (home made really is the best):


Hump day – we’re almost there 🙂


Chowing Down

Sorry I had gone AWOL. Work has been really busy and I just couldn’t drag my sorry arse to the  computer again in the evenings to blog.

I feel quite refreshed though now and I’ve taken today off too for a bit extra R & R (I’ll catch up on some of your blogs too!!).

The Mister and I tackled a bit of a tough project last weekend.  We needed a dining table as the one we had been using was on lend.

I quite fancied a few in Freedom…the long narrow styles grabbed me the most. I think it reminds me very much of those communal cafe tables that are all the rage at the mo’.

$1999 from Freedom

$1499 from Freedom

$1499 from Freedom

I love all of these….but we didn’t fancy spending that much when we’re heading to Europe for Christmas (eep…don’t think I’d mentioned that before!!).  Plus, we have an eclectic bunch of chairs…2 bentwoods from our wedding and a 4 beautiful tasmanian oak dining chairs that I inherited and needed to reupholster etc. Upshot of all this was that we didn’t think that a shiny new table was going to work as well.

Rustic was what we were chasing and where better to find it than a salvage yard. I have never been to a salvage yard…but wow…its almost as fun as doing real shopping (read: clothes shopping). The salvage yard we went to specialised in heritage type materials.

We happened across a big ol’ oregon door. We managed to bargain the guy down from $250 to $200. He was very nice and we chatted to him afterwards about the door..he said it was probably around 100 years old and came from a place that was demolished on the South Perth foreshore a few years ago. In that same breathe he began saying…”actually, I think I probably underquoted you”…at which point the Mister and I fairly high-tailed it out of there.

Our masterpiece in photos:

She was a bit rough and ready to start with

But we got the good toys out

The door had some darker marks in places...we decided to work this a little more so out came the butane torch (told you we used fun toys!)

Wax on, wax off

Ta dah!

Sorry the finished product photo isn’t too hot…when I’ve finished all the chairs I’ll try that again.

It is still quite rustic and certainly won’t be to everyone’s tastes…but we love it!! We kept the hinges on there because they were stamped with “A K & Son” and were made with iron..which I think is quite unusual now.  Our thinking was, it does still look like door so we’re not going to try and pass it off as something it isn’t (mutton dressed up as lamb is really one of the saddest sites to see, I think).

Our plan is to put a bench seat down the other side of the table…in keeping with that cafe vibe.

P.S We whacked some steel trestle legs on from Ikea (you can see them here) We had wanted to pick up some turned posts etc from the salvage yard to use as legs but couldn’t magic any up. However, I quite like adding that industrial type feel to the door…I mean table 😉

Have a lovely day all

PPS..in other news, the fabbo Kara Paslay popped my tufted ottoman up on her blog. Check it out here..Kara has some absolutely wonderful design ideas.